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Frequently Asked Questions

- Mirror Me Overview Questions -

What is a Mirror me photo booth?


Just like a traditional photo booth only it is a full length mirror. It allows guest to move, jump and utilize more space while taking photos. The ultimate selfie.

How does your photo booth work?

  1. Guest walk up to the mirror

  2. Guest grab props

  3. Guest touch screen to start

  4. Guests will follow prompts based on workflow we agree upon(this may include, 1+ photos, games, GIFs, scream contest, live video etc)

  5. Guest will see final photo

  6. Guest will sign final photo on screen with fingers and can add emojis

  7. Guest can print, email or text photos

Who takes the picture?

The guest will touch the screen to take the photo. Due to COVID -19 that can be adjusted to have the photo attendant initiate the photos.

Is there a hands-free option?

Yes, we are excited to present to you our new "Hands Free" feature, allowing guests to send the saved media (photo, video, gif) using their own smartphone, via MMS or Email, without having to touch the Mirror.

How many photo prints are allowed?

Each  guest session will be allowed 5 photo prints. However, there are options to email or text images to groups bigger than 5.

How many people can fit in the booth?

The number of guests in the photo booth at one time is limited to the size of your backdrop. Example- If you choose a large gold background, you are constrained to the number of people that can fit in that space. However, if necessary, the attendant will adjust to make sure everyone is in the picture.

What games are available to play on the photo booth?

There are two games: Ping pong and tic tac toe.

- Customization Questions -

What are overlays?

The overlay is the design you want to see on your printed photos. They an be customized to fit event type and/or company name. Additionally, green screen options for overlays can make the guest experience fun!


Do you have an assortment of back drops?

Yes. Real Reflection has various backdrop options. Additionally, we pride ourselves on customization. Therefore, custom back drops can be created upon request, with the purchase of the "Party Explosion" package.

Can I choose my props?

Based on the package chosen, you may choose which props to receive. If there are specific props you are looking for, please communicate that in the consultation. Please feel free to bring your own props if you already have some.

Are Filters available?

Yes. Filter options can be decided upon prior to event or added to the workflow for the guest to choose.

What sort of animations are available?

During the consultation, we will discuss the premise of the event. Based on the criteria, we can add animations such as "Cheers to the Bride and Groom", Happy Birthday " Name" , etc. There multiple animation options to chose from.

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